‘Horizons’, as the name suggests is about taking the past and present to the future of dance. As a representative of the young generation of classical dancers, Shambhavi has always felt the urge to attract younger crowd towards classical dance. In fact, it has always been a base line of all her new productions, be it Nritya Sangam (a duet with Bharatanatyam dancer Parimal Phadke) or be it Magic Mélange (a combination of Kathak and western dances in association with Rocky Poonawala). Fusion is the success mantra of the young artistes, but Shambhavi’s fusions stand out as she maintains the solid base of tradition, training (Taleem), authenticity and dignity. ‘Horizons’ has a vast array of compositions, ranging from very traditional to ultra modern. It is very interesting to watch what difference it makes when the most traditional pieces are presented with a dash of new thought, technique and look. ‘Horizons’ is not at all an old recipe served in new style. It is a very strong effort to take a kaleidoscopic review of the past and connect it to the future. It is an effort to try to see the future of dance, a window through which the world tries to have a view of the Indian culture. ‘Horizons’ was launched in 2008 on the auspicious occasion of Guru Pournima. Till date, Shambhavi and her team has performed this magnificent performance in Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Solapur, Bangalore, etc. ‘Horizons’ is presented by Shambhavi and her 15 senior disciples.


It is every parent’s intense desire to see their child perform on stage.. Every student of art strives to follow the footsteps of her Guru and give her best while performing.. ‘Shishyad Ichchyet Paraajayam’.. meaning, a Guru is satisfied when her Shishya matches her excellence and attempts even to outshine her… Kathakotsava is an attempt by Shambhavi to honor the process of learning. Shambhavi’s mother and Guru Mrs. Maneesha Sathe and Shambhavi’s father and mentor Mr. Rajas Sathe established Maneesha Nrityalaya Kathak Dance Academy in 1975 in Pune, India with a singular aim of spreading this wonderful art of Kathak dance in the younger generation and thereby making them respectable citizens of India. Citizens who are good human beings. Since the inception of Maneesha Nrityalaya, they laid a discipline of an annual performance in which every student will perform. Most importantly, there will be no selection, no audition. Shambhavi founded the first branch of Maneesha Nrityalaya in 1990, in Ganesh Nagar, Pune. In 2010, she established Shambhavi’s International School of Kathak (SISK). SISK now has five branches in India and USA with over 400 students and a staff of 15 teachers trained by Shambhavi. Shambhavi comes up with Kathakotsava every year as an offering to her Gurus. The viewers witness the stage being shared by beginner level children with advance level students, with young professionals who are alumni of SISK and of course with Shambhavi herself. Kathakotsava is an excellent platform on which one can gauge the development of a student from a beginner to a proficient dancer. This annual presentation is known to attain the level of a professional performance which makes it stand out..

Nritya Sangam

When two rivers meet it is called ‘Sangam’ When two styles of Indian Classical Dance come together... Nritya Sangam…. Nritya Sangam brings two classical dance styles; namely Kathak from the North India and Bharatanatyam from the South India on one platform. An interesting play of similarities and contrasts in musical disciplines (Hindustani and Carnatic) and dance….. Shambhavi Dandekar and Parimal Phadke explore the contrasts and similarities between the two styles. The juxtaposition becomes the forte of Nritya Sangam. Witness the magic, which Shambhavi and Parimal create on stage. Shambhavi becomes the Laasya (feminine dance) with her soft and graceful dance. Parimal is Tandava (masculine dance) with his firm and energetic dance. Both create fireworks on stage through their rhythmic ‘Sawaal Jawaab’. Timeless.... Nritya Sangam becomes a metaphor for eternal blend of energy, form and content. With a rare combination of masculine vigor and feminine grace, the dancers leave the audience awestruck with the blend of the two richest dance styles of India. Nritya Sangam has dance pieces on traditional as well as modern themes on specially conceptualized and recorded sound tracks (recorded with an orchestra of 10 musicians from Hindustani and Carnatic style). This wholesome performance offers you a wide variety of content ranging from traditional Navarasa to the fusion of Western Music and Classical Dance. Shambhavi and Parimal have performed Nritya Sangam in more than 40 cities of the United States of America and also in Muscat and China. A commercial DVD of Nritya Sangam is produced by Neelam AV, U.S.A..